Audrey Modular Sectional

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Audrey Modular Sectional Description

The modern Audrey Modular Sectional offers wide, bordered cushions, arm pillows, straight arms and contemporary legs. Get a clean and fresh appearance with this sectional.

Product Details

  • Upholstery Material (Bayou Flame Upholstery, Bayou Spray Upholstery, Bayou Stone Upholstery, Bayou Sunshine Upholstery, Bull Natural Upholstery, Classic Khaki Upholstery, Classic Melrose Upholstery, Cohen Indigo Upholstery, Miyuki Midnight Upholstery, Spinnsol Apple Upholstery, Spinnsol Azure Upholstery, Spinnsol Cocoa Upholstery, Spinnsol Indigo Upholstery, Spinnsol Iron Upholstery, Spinnsol Optic White Upholstery, Spinnsol Greystone Upholstery): 100% Cotton
  • Upholstery Material (Calvin Moondust Upholstery, Capri Dove Upholstery, Conversation Capri Upholstery, Conversation Cinder Upholstery, Conversation Ivory Upholstery, Conversation Linen Upholstery, Conversation Pearl Upholstery, Conversation Truffle Upholstery, Dumdum Linen Upholstery, Expectation Heather Upholstery, Fandango Indigo Upholstery, Fandango Turquoise Upholstery, Godiva Cognac Upholstery, Godiva Putty Upholstery, Hastings Cerulean Upholstery, Hilo Flax Upholstery, Hilo Seagull Upholstery, Lucas Natural Upholstery, Marvel Stone Upholstery, Pebble Berrycrush Upholstery, Pebble Ivory Upholstery, Pheebee Cream Upholstery, Pheebee Fog Upholstery, Theory Jeans Upholstery, Tina Airforce Upholstery, Tina Asphalt Upholstery, Tina Charcoal Upholstery, Tina Coffee Upholstery, Tina Dark Brown Upholstery, Tina Gulfstream Upholstery, Tina Indigo Upholstery, Tina Oyster Upholstery, Tina Scarlet Upholstery, Trillion Bark Upholstery, Trillion Linen Upholstery, Trillion Saffron Upholstery, Trixie Linen Upholstery, Winwin Cotton Upholstery, Winwin Reed Upholstery, Pebble Greystone Upholstery): 100% Polyester
  • Upholstery Material (Connor Linen Upholstery, Curious Eclipse Upholstery, Curious Pearl Upholstery, Curious Silver Upholstery, Hanover Concrete Upholstery, Lizzy Graphite Upholstery, Lizzy Hemp Upholstery, Lizzy Linen Upholstery, Lizzy Surf Upholstery, Stedman Natural Upholstery, Zula Linen Upholstery): Polyester Blend
  • Upholstery Material (Denton Beige Upholstery, Durham Beige Upholstery, Tibby Linen Upholstery, Tibby Pewter Upholstery): Cotton Blend
  • Upholstery Material (Glynnlinen Dove Upholstery, Glynnlinen Optic White Upholstery, Glynnlinen Oyster Upholstery): 100% Linen
  • Upholstery Material (Max Buff Upholstery, Max Flax Upholstery, Max Lagoon Upholstery, Max Spa Upholstery, Max Stone Upholstery, Shack Biscuit Upholstery, Shack Cocoa Upholstery, Shack Pewter Upholstery): Polypropylene/Olefin
  • Upholstery Material (Sunbrella® Cast Ash Upholstery, Sunbrella® Flagship Vellum Upholstery): Sunbrella®
  • Number of Pieces: 3
  • Seat Fill Material: Foam

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When you buy a couch that has a pattern, you need to make sure the cloth is properly aligned. The cloth on more economical pieces is usually off something. You should certainly insist on well-aligned cloth if you spend a significant amount on your next sofa. In case the tailoring is of premium quality, choose another couch. Bring a taste of this colour scheme of your own room to make sure that the furniture matches it. Stop that. It is pretty simple to discover a swatch in your house improvement shop or just make a fast picture of the wall in contrast. While buying old items, check the base of every piece. The furniture looks great on the top, although not necessarily underneath. Older furniture can be impacted by dry rot and rust. It can be fun to buy furniture. Checking all of the choice

Audrey Modular Sectional

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